Meeting Notes

March 23rd, 2017-Project Based Learning

Project based can be student driven or teacher chosen/guided.

Anthony  shared his unit he created on Water Systems for Grade 8.

Mallory and Amanda shared about their Grade 6 Space unit they are working on. They have created a student driven project. They introduced the unit to their students by using AJ Julian’s  4 Genius Hour questions. Check out their Space Inquiry Slideshow here.

  • What will you learn/create?
  • why did you pick this topic?
  • Outline to meet your goal
  • Resources you need
  • How are you going to know your successful?

As you can see here in the Student Space Inquiry Ideas, students are usually really engaged and excited to be able to have choice in their learning.

When you are doing project based learning every group/class will be different. Different groups will need different amount of support and modelling. Sometime students are overwhelmed having a choice in their learning but we need to guide them and encourage them.


Digital human library Website-virtual field trips  

Intel’s Unit Plan Index  Grades K-12

Life Practice PBL 

Buck Institute for Education

Robert Kaplinsky Resources

Examples of PBL in action from Laura Wheeler, PBL activities and 3 act math

Crash course kids Science Canada-quick videos to explain difficult subjects

February 16th, 2017

Our first Get Together was awesome! Thanks to everyone that came! img_1695

We spent the time getting to know each other and discussing what we wanted to learn about.


The next Get Together will be at Oh So Good Westboro on March 23rd, at 6:30pm. We came up with several options about what we want to learn about next time. Please vote for the topic you want to learn about the most. (Just click on the tweet)