Parent Communication

On May 18th, we got together and chatted about Parent Communication.

IMG_0265Ways to connect with Parents:

  • blog
  • emails, including ‘ask me’ questions
  • Open House
  • Remind (app)
  • Google Drive to store pictures
  • phone
  • twitter
  • facebook group

Questions to discuss with parents when dealing with behaviour

  • how much do parents want to know, know everything that goes wrong or just the big stuff?


  • explicitly set lines between personal and professional life
  • explicitly set expectations between what they should expect from you and what you expect from them
  • set them early so everyone knows what is expected
  • Let parents know you will respond to their email within 24 hours
  • Make sure you BCC parents parents in emails to protect their privacy

Be careful of giving out your cell phone number. Parents will expect you to answer emails, texts and phone calls right away.

Communicating with parents well solves lots of problems. It shows care about their child.

Documenting children’s behaviour:

  • make sure that you record just the facts/only things you see
  • do not include personal opinions or guesses

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